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> As far as I know any anti spam system just marks suspicious messages.

Yes, so basically to resume the anti-spam system (e.g. SpamAssassin) it simply 
gives you a boolean answer: true (SPAM) or false (HAM).

Now based on that answer I would like to use this SPAM/HAM answer from 
SpamAssassin to deny the relaying of that mail to it's destination (the 
destination being another MX mail server on the internet).

> Then, one way you have, is to use Sieve with Dovecot. You can write
> Sieve rules and decide to drop all the messages that have been tagged as
> spam and overcoming a certain spam score (the threshold is up to you and
> it could even be configured by each mail account user)

There is no Sieve of Dovecot (mailboxes) here, this is a relaying mail server 
which sole purpose is to send the mail further to other MX mail servers to 
their destination. But before doing that I want to be sure that mail is not 

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