New interesting features have been completed, some committed to -current
while others are still on my laptop.

Here's a short summary, I'll write about them in details when I'm having
my next hack week in... a week :-)

1- reporting API has been extended to report link-reset and link-auth so
   filters can detect that a session has been reset, or that it has been
   authenticated for a user.

2- reporting API for smtp-out is implemented and being tested on my side
   but it's now possible to write reporting-only filters for trafic that
   is outgoing.

3- OpenSMTPD still assumes LibreSSL to be its target but given changes I
   committed to LibreSSL recently, code can be written in a way that let
   OpenSMTPD build on OpenSSL 1.1.x with very minimal diff that is again
   acceptable for me.

Only 1- has been committed at this point, 2- needs more testing before I
am comfident about committing. 3- is not merge in portable branch yet as
I focused on making it work, not ensuring the compat layer was correctly
handling systems with LibreSSL or handling systems with OpenSSL and with
a base arc4random() function.

Note that I'm PARTICULARLY thrilled about 1- and 2-, because it means we
are now VERY VERY VERY sysadmin friendly when it comes to monitoring and
alerting: pushing useful metrics to elasticsearch has become trivial. It
is likely I'll release a filter-elastic if there is interest.

Stay tuned !

Gilles Chehade                                                 @poolpOrg

https://www.poolp.org            patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gilles

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