Hello Selmeci,

Corection: I accept e-mail for delivery on one port, and for relay with 
authentication on another.

It seems to me that you need to specify auth in the listen directive for 
requiring authentication for incoming connections.

>From what I can tell you are authenticating with the smarthost, but not for 
incoming connections.

Example from man smtpd.conf:

           listen on $lan_addr tls auth

Sorry for the extra mail.

Hope it helps!

On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 07:39:42AM +0200, Selmeci Tamás wrote:
> Hello!
> In brief: STARTTLS is enabled, there is a self-signed certificate for
> encryption (better than nothing), smarthost is used to send mails from
> my domain. My problem is that it still accepts SMTP connections (over
> TLS) without authentication. What I want:
> - anybody can send email to my email address in my domain (now it's
> working);
> - relaying through my SMTP server is allowed only after successful
> authentication (now anybody can relay through my server without
> authentication, e.g. to send spams). Authentication should be based on
> regular /etc/passwd file (local users of the computer). In order to
> hide the passwords, STARTTLS should be used;
> It's a rather simple configuration, but I wasn't able to set it up. If
> I put 'auth' into the 'listen on' line, it needs authentication to any
> access of the SMTP server, so other machines (e.g. from google.com)
> can't send me mails. Using 'authenticated' in 'accept from' directives
> also didn't do the trick appropriately (it wasn't able to receive any
> mails at all).
> Could you please help me out with this?
> Thanks, regards,
> -----------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------------------------
> pki mail.486.hu certificate "/etc/smtpd/mail.486.hu.crt"
> pki mail.486.hu key "/etc/smtpd/mail.486.hu.key"
> table cred file:/etc/smtpd/cred
> listen on eth0      port 25 hostname mail.486.hu tls-require
> listen on localhost port 25 hostname mail.486.hu tls-require
> # Storing mails arriving at the domain '486.hu'.
> accept from any for domain 486.hu deliver to mbox
> # If the recipient is out of domain '486.hu', the mail is relayed through the
> # smarthost using TLS and authentication, see 'cred' file.
> accept from any for ! domain 486.hu relay via
> tls+auth://t-onl...@mail.t-online.hu auth <cred> 

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