I've setup filter-rspamd with rspamd. Both appear to be running (smtpd and 
rspamd), I'm able to query rspamd's controller, access the web UI; smtpd is 
processing and delivering mail as expected.

ps wuax | grep rspam
root     86736  0.0  0.4 45236  4008 ??  I       6:30AM    0:00.05 rspamd: main 
process (rspamd)
_rspamd  32135  0.0  1.0 45344 10140 ??  S       6:30AM    0:00.23 rspamd: 
rspamd_proxy process (localhost:11332) (rspamd)
_rspamd   4059  0.0  1.4 45688 14632 ??  S       6:30AM    0:01.63 rspamd: 
controller process (localhost:11334) (rspamd)
_rspamd  16743  0.0  1.1 45384 11020 ??  S       6:30AM    0:00.33 rspamd: 
normal process (localhost:11333) (rspamd)
_smtpd   32851  0.0  0.4 105520  3624 ??  I      6:56AM    0:00.01 
_smtpd   68802  0.0  0.1   844   808 ??  Ip      6:56AM    0:00.00 sh -c 

However, I don't see any messages being processed by rspamd. Nor do I see any 
indication that data is being sent to rspamd (nothing in the logs, no stats 
appearing in the web UI).

My current rspamd configuration is very simple--it's currently minimally 
configured (following their QuickStart guide), just trying to get the 
communications working right now.

'uname -a':
OpenBSD 6.6 GENERIC#219 amd64

rspamd options changed (local.d):
    dns nameserver

filter "rspamd" proc-exec "/usr/local/bin/filter-rspamd"
listen on egress tls hostname $mx_domain pki $mx_domain filter "rspamd"

'smtpd -d -v':
debug: smtp: listen on x.x.x.x port 25 flags 0x2401 pki "<domain>" ca ""

I also don't see any debug messages regarding rspamd.

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