24 août 2019 02:59 "Edgar Pettijohn" <ed...@pettijohn-web.com> a écrit:

> I am writing a table-lua, however the table_lua_update function doesn't 
> appear to be called.
> Here are relevant pieces of the code.
> The lookup function works. However, it would be more ideal to have the 
> update() called early
> to fill in the tables for the other functions. As is the lookup() has to do 
> the work of both.
> Any help is appreciated.

update is called when you issue an `smtpctl table update <tablename>` command.

On a side note, I had this discussion with someone a few days ago but can't 
who, so if it was you and you already know, disregard:

I have a plan for the next two releases to switch the implementation of tables 
to an
API similar to that of filters, so we can have tables become scripts that read 
from stdin, write answers to stdout, be written in any language, etc..

Not discouraging you from writing something using the current API, it is not so 
work anyways, but just letting you know that in a relatively short term your 
code is
going to need a rewrite.

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