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> 24 ao??t 2019 02:59 "Edgar Pettijohn" <ed...@pettijohn-web.com> a ??crit:
> > I am writing a table-lua, however the table_lua_update function doesn't 
> > appear to be called.
> > Here are relevant pieces of the code.
> > 
> > The lookup function works. However, it would be more ideal to have the 
> > update() called early
> > to fill in the tables for the other functions. As is the lookup() has to do 
> > the work of both.
> > 
> > Any help is appreciated.
> > 
> update is called when you issue an `smtpctl table update <tablename>` command.

Makes sense. However, the smtpctl manual says its for tables using the "file" 

> On a side note, I had this discussion with someone a few days ago but can't 
> remember
> who, so if it was you and you already know, disregard:
> I have a plan for the next two releases to switch the implementation of 
> tables to an
> API similar to that of filters, so we can have tables become scripts that 
> read lines
> from stdin, write answers to stdout, be written in any language, etc..

Not me but sounds interesting.
> Not discouraging you from writing something using the current API, it is not 
> so much
> work anyways, but just letting you know that in a relatively short term your 
> code is
> going to need a rewrite.

I was using table-passwd as a bit of a go by. Armed with this new knowledge. I 
see that 
table_passwd_update is called from main.  I think that is what I need to do.



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