On 03.10.2019 18:34, Kevin wrote:
If I can send the domain email, if I can retrieve email via Dovecot, if I can send mail to myself from the server's CLI (and even retrieve it remotely via my mail client), it seems like there's some knob missing that says, "All auth'd users to relay," yet, I've copied-and-pasted Gilles' rules (and edited them for my own domain) , and it am no workie.

Is there perhaps something else akin to the forwarding knob that lets PF forward packets between interfaces that either I've forgotten or was skipped in the HOWTO?


What connection do you have? If it's a home connection, then most ISP-s block sending mail directly to port 25 (on the destination server). You want a static IP for a mail server, with rDNS etc. set up.

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