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> On 03.10.2019 18:34, Kevin wrote:
> If I can send the domain email, if I can retrieve email via Dovecot, if I
> can send mail to myself from the server's CLI (and even retrieve it
> remotely via my mail client), it seems like there's some knob missing that
> says, "All auth'd users to relay," yet, I've copied-and-pasted Gilles'
> rules (and edited them for my own domain) , and it am no workie.
> Is there perhaps something else akin to the forwarding knob that lets PF
> forward packets between interfaces that either I've forgotten or was
> skipped in the HOWTO?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> What connection do you have?

Ironically / fittingly, Vultr, same as in Gilles' guide. Have been there
for ~6 years now running OpenBSD for all my servers there.

> If it's a home connection, then most ISP-s block sending mail directly to
> port 25 (on the destination server). You want a static IP for a mail
> server, with rDNS etc. set up.

RDNS is setup and matches the hostname.

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