I just tested with MySQL and the result is the same.

smtpd -dv -T lookup yielded:

de334c3363d95880 smtp authentication user=u...@host.com result=ok
debug: smtp: SIZE in MAIL FROM command
debug: lka: mailaddrmap senderalias:u...@host.com
lookup: lookup "u...@host.com" as MAILADDRMAP in table proc:senderalias -> error: No such file or directory
warn: failure during mailaddrmap lookup senderalias:u...@host.com

Preceeded by:

senderalias[36753]: debug: (re)connecting
senderalias[36753]: debug: connected

So the table is loaded but it tries to look up from a file maybe?

Good luck,

On 14/10/2019 13:32, y38...@protonmail.com wrote:
Hello Giovanni,

I just gave it a try. The order of the operands of the LIKE operator doesn't 
make any difference. I just tested it manually against my sqlite database. The 
returned results are identical.


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Am Montag, Oktober 14, 2019 9:15 AM schrieb Giovanni Bechis 

On 10/12/19 4:46 PM, y38...@protonmail.com wrote:

SELECT (username||'@'||domain) FROM users WHERE ? LIKE mailbox
I think it should read
SELECT (username||'@'||domain) FROM users WHERE mailbox LIKE ?
typo or error ?


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