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Hello misc@,

As some have noticed, the 6.6.0 tag was created on Github to match the code 
from smtpd in OpenBSD 6.6.

A portable branch, branch-6.6.0p1, has been forked from there and can be used 
to test the matching portable version:


I have not tagged 6.6.0p1 yet because there's still some time and I want to 
gain confidence that it works for most systems and distributions we have 
supported so far.

Note that:

- this release will depend on either LibreSSL 3.0.x or OpenSSL 1.1.x
- musl-based distros may have issues at this point, they are being tracked 
down, musl is not a showstopper for me as we have had issues in previous 
releases too but if we can track down the problem I'd be happy (unsuccessful so 

I _really_ need help on testing this as I had unexpected hand surgery and doing 
the tests myself is extremely long.

Please report as a follow up to this mail what you did test,


Once I chewed through it, SRS works nicely. Running on CentOS 7. I've been running 6.6 current for a while now without problems.


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