November 17, 2019 5:19 PM, "Implausibility" <> wrote:

> I'm reading the man pages for makemap, and there are two types of database 
> maps described, as per
> $subject.
> What are the functional / operational differences between Primary & Virtual 
> Domains? When when I
> choose one over the other? Can I get examples of when I'd choose a table of 
> primary domains, and
> when I'd choose a table of virtual domains?
> Which one should I choose if I want to send *and* receive mail from domains 
> that are not the same
> as my mail server's name? (e.g... my business has many websites... 
> - and I'd like to send and receive mail for each of them 
> separately... say, to route the
> eMail to the sales rep for a specific territory)
> Thanks.

I'll try to summarise it as simple as possible:

During the SMTP transaction, an e-mail address is provided for the recipient:

With a primary domain, OpenSMTPD assumes that == the local machine.
It will look for a system account matching the user and if one is found, then 
mail is delivered.
The aliases mechanism is optional, if an alias exists a transform happens, 
otherwise the username is looked up as is.

With a virtual domain, OpenSMTPD assumes that == the content of the 
virtual table.
The virtual mechanism is not optional, the recipient MUST exist in the table to 
be valid.

If you use a primary domain, when you create a new system user you can mail 
them right away.
If you use a virtual domain, you'll have to declare that user in the table.

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