Hey Ionel 

It is great to hear that you like OpenSMTPD! 
I currently use zimbra for a very small home mailserver setup and I also plan 
to move to OpenSMTPD. 
I have not noticed any spam problems yet, but I have a different problem with 
zimbra - it is a resource devouring java monster.. 

Take a look at [ https://github.com/poolpOrg/filter-rspamd, | 
https://github.com/poolpOrg/filter-rspamd, ] 
It is written in Go, and this is the filter that Gilles uses for rspamd. 


From: "GARDAIS Ionel" <ionel.gard...@tech-advantage.com> 
To: misc@opensmtpd.org 
Sent: Tuesday, December 3, 2019 11:26:44 AM 
Subject: Filter API and protocol 

Hi list, 

I've installed OpenSMTPD on a fresh OpenBSD to act as a simple-yet-powerful MX 
for inbound trafic. 
Our current zimbra mono-server installation is quite bad at spam detection thus 
I gave a try to rspamd. 

First results are encouraging and I really appreciate the ease of configuration 
of OpenSMTPD and the clarity of its logs. 

I'd like to add a feature to our setup : prefixing all incoming emails' subject 
with a string, only once (i.e. not if the said string is already in the 
It seems to me that this should be made as a filter in OpenSMTPD, with a 
low-precedence to be placed after DKIM verification. 

I'd like to give a try at this solution. 
Do you have pointers to the filter protocol or to an hello-world filter ? 


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