There is something that needs to be investigated, this is not normal no.

I won't rule out a bug in OpenSMTPD but given how envelopes are created, it is 
very unlikely:

a- an envelope is created for each RCPT TO in a transaction...
b- ... and additional envelopes may be created by aliases _during_ that RCPT TO

Thanks a ton for those two pointers, I'll investigate and write what I can figure out.

You provided only a partial smtpd.conf so it's hard to know if b- is possible here, as relaying doesn't go through aliasing which would hint at a- being the explanation. smtpd.conf has to be read as a whole otherwise troubleshooting is not possible.

Yes, I omitted the lines I thought were either not important (like pointing to the cert files), which I thought were unlikely to create problems (like rdns check filter regexes), ... I understand that this wasn't helpful. If I cannot find the issue by trying to hunt down what you pointed out, above, I'll break it down to the simplest possible config and share that one in it's entirety.

You can run smtpd with `-T smtp` to inspect SMTP transactions as they are submitted, you can also use `-T rules` to check which rule was matched and make sure it is that match auth and not another one that got hit first.

Thanks, this will come in useful!

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