Ok, I have a better idea now...

a- an envelope is created for each RCPT TO in a transaction...
b- ... and additional envelopes may be created by aliases _during_ that RCPT TO

Thanks a ton for those two pointers, I'll investigate and write what I can figure out.

You correctly guessed a), turns out that my MUA (msmtp, but only when triggered by mutt) somehow doubles all RCPT TO addresses (but not always, as said). I'm not sure at the moment why, but I can exclude OpenSMTPd from being the culprit.

I guess this was already going on for months, but previously used MSAs weren't under my control, so I never noticed it. Oops.

Thanks again for your precise answer which pointed me into the right direction, and sorry that I didn't check it more thoroughly from the get go.

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