> It is possible to use some variables in .forward files, so you can write
> a small script [...]
> Then in ~mailman/.forward, use:
> |/path/to/that/wrapper "%{dest.user}"

Thanks! Is there an overview of the possible variables? It doesn't seem
to be documented in the man pages.

In case anyone is interested, my wrapper looks like this (doesn't need
lengthy if-else blocks and I also don't have to add info for each new 
mailing list to both aliases *and* the wrapper):

> #!/bin/sh
> IFS='-'
> read -ra LIST <<< "$1"
> COMMAND=${1#${LIST}-}
> if test "$COMMAND" = "$LIST"; then
>       COMMAND="post"
> fi
> /usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman "$COMMAND" "$LIST"

This works for me for now

> For other software, like mlmmj it is even simpler as the command itself
> uses the recipient email address to determine what command it should be
> running and no script is needed.

I see, but switching mailing list software is a project for another day;)

Thanks for your help!


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