Dear Martijn en Pete,

Thank you for your help and answers.

I think Pete has nailed the problem. I'm sorry I've overlooked the fact that filter... bypass is not available in openbsd 6.6 release. I'll just have to wait till openbsd 6.7 will be out.

Thank you again for your help.
KJ (Klaas Jan) Schuurs
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Martijn van Duren schreef op 2020-04-28 11:09:
In that case we'd need to know which version of OpenSMTPd you're running
and your full configuration. This was just an educated guess, but
without all the information it's impossible to help you.

On 4/28/20 11:07 AM, KJ (Klaas Jan) Schuurs wrote:
Dear Martijn,

Thank you for your answer. I've corrected my table definition to:

table trustedip file:/etc/mail/trustedip

I'm still getting syntax error on the line with:
filter trusted phase mail-from match src <trustedip> bypass

KJ (Klaas Jan) Schuurs

Martijn van Duren schreef op 2020-04-28 10:45:
On 4/28/20 10:29 AM, KJ (Klaas Jan) Schuurs wrote:

table <trustedip> file:/etc/mail/trustedip

This should be:
table trustedip file:/etc/mail/trustedip

Can you tell if it works with this change?

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