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I need to use plain text authentication. I have to migrate an old > postfix 
server that uses this
authentication mode. I have a lot of > devices configured in this way. I have 
to plan the migration
to TLS, > while I want to use OpenSMTPD with plain text authentication. It's 
It's not possible to use plain text authentication with OpenSMTPD.

I guess your migration plan has to give OpenSMTPD a different hostname or port 
and let postfix run
till ever device is moved to a TLS config.
The question is confusing:

PLAIN AUTH is an authentication method which uses plaintext credentials and 
encodes them in base64
in opposition to other authentication methods relying on challenges.

OpenSMTPD supports PLAIN AUTH, what it doesn't support is authentication 
outside of a TLS channel.

So yes, you can use OpenSMTPD with plain authentication BUT you can't use 
authentication if you do
not setup TLS first.


Understood. My old Postfix installation doesn't use TLS. Following Thomas comment I am going to install OpenSMTP and migrate devices to TLS.

Thank you very much.

P.D: Sorry for my bad English

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