David Favor wrote:
I've been wrestling with this for days with no progress.

Can someone drop me a v6.6.4 config to do something similar to the following.

   da...@davidfavor.com   - maildir
   i...@davidfavor.com    - forward to da...@davidfavor.com
supp...@davidfavor.com - forward to f...@helpdesk.com using MailGun Relay Service

   supp...@radicalhealth.com - maildir
   i...@radicalhealth.com    - forward to supp...@radicalhealth.com
da...@radicalhealth.com - send natively to da...@davidfavor.com (no Smarthost or Relay Service)

Just a raw config file will be fine, I can remove
whatever I don't require right now, like DKIM signing,
which I'll add later.

I'm just trying to get basic OpenSMTPD delivery working.


Still be great to have a working config.

No requirement for long explanation, just a copy of
a working config, that handles all the above.


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