I've been wrestling with this for days with no progress.

Next time, post what config you have, please.

Can someone drop me a v6.6.4 config to do something similar to the following.


v4adr = 999.2.3.4
hostn = mx.davidfavor.com

table aliases file:/etc/mail/aliases
table ma2help { supp...@davidfavor.com }
table ma2user { da...@davidfavor.com = david, i...@davidfavor.com = david, da...@radicalhealth.com = david supp...@radicalhealth.com = support, i...@radicalhealth.com = support }

pki $hostn cert "/etc//mx.davidfavor.com_Fullchain.pem"
pki $hostn key "/etc/ssl/mx.davidfavor.com_Key.pem"

listen on lo0
listen on $v4adr port 25 tls \
        hostname $hostn pki $hostn
listen on $v4adr smtps \
        hostname $hostn pki $hostn \
listen on $v4adr port 587 tls-require \
        hostname $hostn pki $hostn \

action "receivedLocally" maildir alias <aliases>
action "receivedRemotely" maildir virtual <ma2user>
action "relay2Helpdesk" relay \
        host smtps://f...@mail.helpdesk.com \
        auth { foo = password } \
        helo $hostn \
        src $v4adr
action "relay2Internet" relay \
        helo $hostn \
        src $v4adr

match for local action "receivedLocally"
match from any for rcpt-to <ma2help> action "relay2Helpdesk"
match from any for domain { davidfavor.com, radicalhealth.com } action "receivedRemotely"
match auth from any for any action "relay2Internet"

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