June 30, 2020 12:25 PM, "Unicorn" <unic...@disroot.org> wrote:

>> You have two methods to achieve what you want:
>> 1- use a smarter mda, such as `fdm`, which allows you to specify
>> where mails are supposed to be delivrered based on rules. in this
>> case, you would simply have a rule that recipient address blog@
>> should land in .Blog
> I would like to try to stick to just smtpd, don't want to get in over
> my head with too many moving parts that I don't understand :)
>> 2- alias blog to admin+blog instead of admin, this way when smtpd
>> extracts email extension, it will check if a .blog folder exists and
>> deliver there if exists but this is more limited that a real
>> classification.
> I did not know that was possible, thank you! I tested it and it does
> exactly what I need it to, so I will go with this solution for now.

Great :-)

I tend to use fdm because it lets you do really nice classification,
I encourage you to look at it for future uses !

> Have a great day,
> Unicorn
> PS: I also wanted to say thanks for your awesome guide on setting up
> smtpd with rspamd and dovecot, it has helped me immensely and I
> actually massively appreciate the details that others may find
> trivial. It really helps as a beginner, I wish more people with your
> knowledge made such excellent guides to make these topics more
> accessible and understandable. :)

Thanks !

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