On 2022-08-16 10:13, Tassilo Philipp wrote:
I might misunderstand your question, but I noticed that your line:

  match for rcpt-to <sympa> action "mailinglist"

does not specify a "from" option, so it defaults to "from local". This
means it won't match for non-local IPs. Maybe that's the culprit?



Oh you right now I have another problem :
Aug 16 10:34:13 leeds smtpd[17062]: 039b2f6018e9c7ea smtp failed-command command="RCPT TO:<l...@domain.tld>" result="524 5.2.4 Mailing list expansion problem: <l...@domain.tld>"

My previous error was :
Aug 15 17:50:00 leeds smtpd[5281]: 7dae3f5b0d6ff768 smtp failed-command command="RCPT TO:<l...@domain.tld>" result="550 Invalid recipient: <l...@domain.tld>"

Let me try to rephrase my question :

I have two server, one with OpenSMTPd who manage email for my end users, another manage mailing lists with Sympa.

All incoming emails on OpenSMTPd are in @domain.tld. The mailing list software expect something in @list.domain.tld but they are aliased on the OpenSMTPd server as @domain.tld.

The aliases in <sympa> contain value like this :

mailinglist1: mailinglist1 @list.domain.tld (Without the space before @)

When my users send emails to mailinglist1 @domain.tld, I want OpenSMTPd to forward/relay them as mailinglist1 @list.domain.tld to the mailing list server and to do the same for all aliases in <sympa> table.

How can I achieve that ? :)

Let me know if you need more clarity.

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