• Kirill Miazine [2023-12-13 15:41]:
• Kirill Miazine [2023-12-13 13:30]:
Hi, list

My log is getting quite a few of

     Failed to retrieve helo string

immediately followed by

     Disabling route

interestingly, I don't see the same behaviour on another smtpd host I have... now I am even more puzzled

started to think that this had to be something with my local setup, and thanks to Crystal, who suggested running smtpd with -d and -T transfer, I went furhter and did a run with -T all, which revealed that smtpd could not retrieve helo string from a helo-src table, where I had spaces around the equal sign...

so it was not helo string from remote server, but helo string from helo-src table.

now spaces around = are removed, and I think "helo string" errors are gone. let's see!

feeling silly now -- sorry for all the noise!

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