On Thu, 2023-12-28 at 18:52 +0100, Kirill A. Korinsky wrote:
> Greetings,
> This list seems as the right place to discuss about 
> http://imperialat.at/dev/filter-dnsbl

As the author, I agree. :-)
> 1. I'd like to report a small bug: OpenSMTPD injects header X-Spam: Yes when 
> filter decided that it is junk, and this filter injects yes (in the lower 
> case). Is it a bug?

I'm not aware about any specific standard when it comes to this header.
smtpd has `strcasecmp(line, "x-spam: yes")` in mail.maildir.c, so the
capitalisation isn't important there. However, if you use smtpd with
filter-dnsbl as a filter before forwarding it to another server which
does check this header in a case-sensitive manner it would matter.
So unless you can point to a piece of software which checks it in a
specific capitalisation I don't see a direct reason to fix it.
> 2. Is it possible to add support of white list(s)? Let pass the message if it 
> contains on that list and optionally adds X-Spam-DNSWL: Listed at ... header.

I've thought about adding whitelist support, but it's tough...
The RFC is explicitly vague on how to interpret responses, so there's
no way to determine how a response it to be interpreted without
extensive configuration either by the admin, or in the binary.
The latter would require in-depth knowledge of the different lists
on my end and actively maintain those, which I don't see myself doing.

Another reason why I don't see myself supporting whitelists is because
I don't see their value. Mail is whitelist based in principle, so what
blocking feature is it supposed to overwrite and how is filter-dnsbl
supposed to do this? And that's not even starting on the prioritisation
of which list takes precedence.

Do you have a specific use-case for whitelisting and if so, how would
you suggest to implement it in a generic way without making the filter
needlessly complicated?

In short: I'm not against whitelists per se, but without the specific
use-case and a good plan of how to implement it without turning it
into a coding/admin nightmare I don't see it happening.
> The nice example of white list is dnswl.mail.abusix.zone
> Thanks.
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> wbr, Kirill

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