> On 28. Dec 2023, at 23:46, Kirill A. Korinsky <kir...@korins.ky> wrote:
>> On 28. Dec 2023, at 23:34, Martijn van Duren <opensm...@list.imperialat.at> 
>> wrote:
>> This would make filter-dnsbl grow way beyond of what it was ever
>> intended for into something where I'm afraid is not properly
>> maintainable for both programmer and admin.
>> Maybe you can write your own filter-dnswl with filter-dnsbl and
>> filter-admdscrub as inspiration.
> Or I may make a series of patch over your code. It seems not that complicated.

I mean something like that: https://github.com/catap/filter-dnsbl 

I've split it into two commits to make logic clear.

wbr, Kirill

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