Thomas Bohl wrote:

> > 
> > match from mail-from <blocked_senders> reject
> That line doesn't have a for option, so "for local" is implied.
> match from any for any mail-from <blocked_senders> reject
> should do the trick.

Yes it did! Thank you very much. I completely forgot that not specifying for 
for local instead of for any.

Sometimes it's just the simple things... :)
> > However, if i use telnet/openssl s_client to connect to the server, I get 
> > an OK in
> > response to MAIL FROM:<> and can state RCPT TO and 
> > DATA without
> > any problems.
> The reject (550 Invalid recipient) will happen after RCPT TO. (Earlier is
> only possible with a filter.) That is good and bad. The bad side is that the
> error message is "wrong", which makes stuff harder to debug. The good side
> of this behaviour is that it signals "Invalid recipient" to an adversary.

yeah, w/ regards to the spammers, this might actually not be as bad. :)
If I don't like it like that I can still use the filter approach.




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