March 13, 2024 10:31 AM, "Tassilo Philipp" <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I noticed that DSNs generated by OpenSMTPd use "Content-Type: 
> multipart/mixed", instead of
> "Content-Type: multipart/report", as defined by RFC3461 (and described in 
> RFC3464 and RFC3462). I
> wonder if there's a reason for that?
> I haven only done a cursory review of the actual multiparts themselves, but 
> they seem to (mostly)
> follow the mentioned RFCs with for example "Content-Type: 
> text/rfc822-headers". However, if
> RET=FULL, the content type should be IMHO only "message/rfc822" and not 
> "text/rfc822-headers", the
> latter seems to be currently used for both, RET=HDRS and RET=FULL. 
> Need to read up on it more to get a clearer picture, though, I just started 
> digging into it.
> Either way... I think the RFCs should be followed, want me to prepare a patch?

Yes please, patch and RFC reference so this can be checked too


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