April 11, 2024 11:37 PM, "Kirill A. Korinsky" <kir...@korins.ky> wrote:

> Greetings,


> I've noticed that my personal mail stop to working. After some digging in
> the log I discovered the magic line:
> Apr 10 23:37:43 mx1 smtpd[84358]: warn: Disabling incoming SMTP connections: 
> Client limit reached

This looks like clients hogging connections and not releasing them, or a leak
within a filter.

- what do you see with the `fstat` command when the issue happens ?
- do you see unusual trafic in your logs and/or `netstat` ?
- any local script gone wrong in you `ps` output ?
- and more importantly what's your configuration file like ?

> which leads to this issue https://github.com/OpenSMTPD/OpenSMTPD/issues/698
> After reading it and some context, like
> https://www.mail-archive.com/misc@opensmtpd.org/msg03171.html I confuse.
> What is current status of filters and this issue?

Both the issue and the mail you linked date from 2016 and refer to an API that 
reverted a few months later because it was overly complex and caused any bug to 
a nightmare to fix.

The API in use today was introduced late 2019, three years later, after a 
redesign and rewrite from scratch sharing nothing with the previous attempt. It 
working in a radically different way that's much simpler and also easier to fix 
a bug is reported.

The status of filters API is that it was part of snapshots since 2018 for 
released late 2019 as an experimental feature and considered stable since 2020. 
has been part of the last 9 OpenBSD releases and OpenSMTPD portable releases 
6.6.0p1. Considering that it's the only way to interface DKIM or spam filters, 
API is used by a significant amount of users and while bugs can still exist, 
at a point where it's more likely the issue is not with the API itself.

> I'm running OpenSMTPD on OpenBSD 7.4, which I plan to upgrade in few days to
> 7.5, does this upgrade helps with this issue?

The code that caused the issue you mentioned was removed and replaced before 
so that's 8 releases before 7.4.

Without understanding what is causing the issue I can't tell you if upgrading 
fix but if it does it's not due to a fix in OpenSMTPD.

> BTW it works without any question for month, I guess.

That's another hint that something unusual is happening, I don't see the API
working for month then suddenly leaking descriptors.

Give more details please

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