The  Ozarks  Minutemen  will meet  Thursday  July  9,  from  6-8 P.M. at  the 
Library  Center South.  The Library is  located  on  South Campbell Ave,  just  
South  of the James River Expressway.   Take  Campbell  (Hwy 160) to  the 
third  stop  light ,  turn  right  and follow up the hill to the  Library  
Main  order of  business will be to preview the new  Power Point  Slide  
Briefing that  depicts in  detail  who  the  Ozarks Minutemen are and  what 
their mission  is.
This is the first professional  quality  briefing that  we have had.  The  
Power Point  will be narrated By Jerry  Wilson  and supporting  information  
will be provided  by  Nick  Weyland.    Nick  is  a retired  ICE  (Immigration 
Control  and Enforcement )  Supervisor from  Los Angeles  Ca., who  served  
with  INS/ICE   for  more than  32  years before  his retirement. Jerry is 
a  Retired  USN  Lt. Comdr.,  who  came to  Springfield  from  Dallas Texas 
where he  saw first hand how  detrimental  uncontrolled  Illegal  Immigration  
can be.
Plans are being  laid right now in  Washington  D.C.  to   ram   the  
Comprehensive  Immigration (Amnesty for Illegal Aliens)  Plan  down our 
throats  before the end of the year.     America's  Patriots stopped them in 
their tracks on the  McCain/Kennedy/Bush  bill in  June  2007.  We  must  do 
the same again in  2009.
The  12.5 Million Illegal  Alien figure used by  the politicos and the press  
has been around since 1996.   A  recent  article had  the number at  11.7  
Common  sense tells  me that  this figure must be  at least twice that.
In  the  "Line In The Sand Report"  put out by  the  US  Congress in  2006,  it 
was  estimated that for every  illegal  that  was given amnesty  there would 
be  between  8  and 12  other  person that would  automatically  become 
eligible to join  each NEW "amnestee". (In  plain  English  that  means  
"legalized illegal")
Round the ever popular  12.5 Million down  to  12 Million and multiply it by a  
factor of eight.  Result:  96  Million brand new  "legal residents"  to draw  
the  ever dwindling  "social  benefits". Please make an effort to  attend.
               Defend Our  Sovereignty,
               Wendell Kerr
                God  Bless America

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