Hi all,

I finally ported my application to MITK 2016.03 and everything went well 
enough. As always, thank you for your good job.

I do have a problem on OS X when I try to cmake (yes, the verb ^^) 
though. I see a serie of warnings:

CMake warning at ...../mitkFunctionInstallAutoLoadModules.cmake:87 
   Ignoring unknown target "org_blueberry_core_jobs" for installation.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
   Our cmake.

Idem with org_mitk_gui_qt_common_legacy, 
org_mitk_gui_qt_core_application, movie maker, segmentation, etc.

My application opens with my main plugin but I can't see the other 
plugins, like movie maker, segmentation, etc. Do you have any ideas how 
I could fix this? Just to be clear, it does work perfectly on Windows. 
The warnings and missing plugins is only on OS X.

Thank you for your time.


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