Hi Dora,

for a concrete example of an IO registering its own dicom tags of interest 
check out the DICOMQIIO [1]. A slight caveat here is that this only works if 
the TagsOfInterestService is already registered, but that has not been an issue 
for us as of yet.



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An: Goch, Caspar Jonas
Betreff: Re: [mitk-users] DICOM tags retrieval

Hi Casper,

Thanks for your reply. I checked the links you sent but can you please help 
with a more concrete example on how to use this DICOMTagsOfInterestService.

auto tagsOfInterestService = GetDefaultDICOMTagsOfInterest();
tagsOfInterestService->AddTagOfInterest(DICOMTag(0x0020, 0x4000));

QString path = "path_to_dicom_folders";
mitk::IOUtil::Load(path.toStdString(), *this->GetDataStorage());

This is what I intended to start with. I'm not sure how to retrieve this 
tagofInterestSerive and link it with the mitk IO utility tools.

Many thanks in advance.

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Goch, Caspar Jonas 
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Hi Dora,

Dicom tags have been restructured a while ago. You can now use the 
DICOMTagsOfInterestService [1] to manage which tags should be added to the 
nodes [2]. An idea of what tags are usually added if present can be found by 
perusing our default tags of interest [3]. If you want to check in the 
application what properties have been added to your data you can:

1.       Go to Window->Preferences->Properties and enable the developer mode

2.       Open the property list view

3.       Select your image in the data manager

4.       Switch the combobox in the property list view to base data

You will see all properties in the base data property list, all Dicom 
properties should have the name DICOM.XXXX.XXXX, presumably DICOM.0020.4000 for 
the attribute Image Comments.


[1] http://docs.mitk.org/nightly/classmitk_1_1DICOMTagsOfInterestService.html
[2] http://www.mitk.org/images/c/cd/DICOMMetaInformation.pdf

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Betreff: [mitk-users] DICOM tags retrieval

Hello all,

I have managed in the past to retrieve DICOM tags using the node and the 
property list of nodes and using a key to find its corresponding value:


I'm working with a new series of DICOM images where they have a tag called 
"Image Comments". The same approach doesn't work as I don't know what key to 
use. Is there anyway to print out all the tags associated with a DICOM data 
node in MITK?

Many thanks in advance.

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