On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 8:21 AM, Daniel Schürmann <dasch...@mixxx.org> wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> The QStringBuilder() is somehow hidden. It is only invoked by the operator
> %.
> In all cases, where % is involved, you can simply replace
> QLatin1Literal("string") by "string".
> There is no need for testing, other that it compiles on your Qt 5
> environment.
> If you decide to do a GitHub pull request, you have the benefit that the
> connected Travis build server will build you code on Ubuntu Trusty using Qt
> 4.8. Otherwise I will do the 4.8 check.
Ahh - OK. Will send a pull request at today evening.
> Could you tell us more about you cross compile project?
* I build with yocto project [1] and created all required recipes in a
layer I maintain [2].
* First Target is RaspberryPi2 + GLESv2. Hope performance is good enough.
* Final target is for 'party cellar': mixxx running on Raspi +
controlling LED lightshow. For this I think I will come back asking
for interfaces as soon as I have mixxx making noise. My first attempts
today in the morning segfaulted. I straced and think I have to disable
gperftools as they are trying to access unstrpped debug libraries...
> Thank you.
> Daniel
[1] https://www.yoctoproject.org/


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