I haven't commented on this yet, although I am involved in it too, as I
have several PRs pending approval.

​My PRs are:
#1195 Restructuring related to recording dialog settings and encoders
#1171 Three fixes related to waveform generation, splitted from the
multithreaded-analysis branch
#1069 Multithreaded analysis

First one is almost ready, pending some UI improvements, although I am not
so sure I can do it.(It adds 24bit and 32bit float for WAV and AIFF, ABR
and VBR for MP3 and FLAC encoding)
Second one seems ready (at least from my point of view), but hasn't been
merged yet. (As the name says, they are bugfixes related to waveform
Third one  was ready, but it will require some changes once 1171 is merged,
because It's not up to date with those changes, and I think it was not
merged initially in order to change it to not use multiple lists. I will
need to work that a bit more, but as I said, 1171 has to be merged first.
(This one is mostly important for new users as well as when adding many new
tracks )

Probably, the open source nature and lack of control about the features
that contributors decide to implement, is making harder to set a release
timeline, but it also feels a bit frustrating when PRs take long to get
ready to be merged.

And this is only going to get worse for the "summer of code" (as in having
less resources to test and merge PRs).

So maybe we, contributors included, need to sit down and put some
priorities and processes in place together, with the objective of focusing
on the release. I just don't know what can I do in this regard.

And talking about Skins: It's something of which I don't have experience
yet. I'm not sure if i'm the right person for adapting any of those to the
new settings.
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