Hi Mixxx developers,

I am glad to announce a release schedule for Mixxx. We have decided to
switch to a deadline based, 6 month release cycle.

2018-03-31 Mixxx 2.1
2018-09-30 Mixxx 2.2
and so on.

To reach the Mixxx 2.1 date, we have decided to release a 2.1 beta and 2.2
alpha at

->  2017-12-22 <-

This means we have 5 weeks left to  finish started PRs left to accept
feature / skin and string pull requests for 2.1.
Later feature PRs are still welcome, but go to 2.2 alpha.

For the release 2.1 we need to do
* A lot of testing
* bug-fixing
* Mapping updates
* Translation
* Manual
* Release PR

To make Mixxx 2.1 a great success, we need help especially on the non
software related tasks like testing, improving manual and translations. So
please ask your DJ colleges, if they have some fun and spare time to adopt
a task and push Mixxx forward. Thank you!

Kind regards,

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