On 11/20/2017 03:42 PM, Harry van Haaren wrote:
> Developers, checkout 17:15, where the "Virtual Devices" concept is
> introduced.

That /would/ be very handy in allowing users up the expertise chain (so
to speak) troubleshoot/develop mappings with the hardware owners. The
only thing I would suggest to make that process work well is to create a
bonehead-easy way for a very non-technical user to create a virtual
representation of their controller. (I'm thinking a GUI with a wizard
that walks them through the process, automating as much as possible.
Like have them take a photo of the device with their cell phone or Web
cam, then try to auto-identify controls in the image so the user needs
only edit their properties and move them around a bit instead of having
to create them all manually.) That also lessens the responsibility for
you and the OpenAV team to have to create virtual devices yourselves
from every controller ever made.

> it
> hopes to allow accessing HD screens on
> all Ctlra supported devices, and get tight integration to the next level.

That sounds good on the surface, but wouldn't that then restrict the
ability of applications to style the information on the screens to a set
of pre-defined designs/layouts Ctrla supplies? I imagine a DJ
application like Mixxx will want to use the screens quite differently
than an audio editing application like Audacity or a DAW like Ardour.

Another argument for not having another translation layer is
performance, especially where low-latency response is expected from a DJ
application with a moving-platter controller for example that sends over
1000 messages per second. How much latency does Ctrla add at the moment?

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"D.J. Pegasus"
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