On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 7:41 PM, Владимир Новиков <danceno...@yandex.ru>
> Good afternoon!
> Periodically I look through correspondence and here I saw a mention of
remix desks and immediately I remember a luppp, similar to the ableton
live. Perhaps your projects can be combined?
> Best regards DJ Dancenoise

Yes of course - Luppp has had the Ctlra library v0.1 integrated (about this
time one year ago...) as a proof-of-concept. Based on the learnings from
integrating with Luppp, I re-designed the APIs, and integrated with Mixxx.
Based on that, (and LAC presentation, Sonoj presentation, and discussions
on list here, #IRC, and others..) we are finally reaching a stable and good
API I think :)

Thanks for the reminder though - I should get screen support into Luppp for
a test too!
Cheers, -Harry


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