this weekend I djed on a friends birthday Party. Due broken Hardware I had to hookup directly to a amplifier without any line control after my hardware (Xone-K2) and the amplifier was unregulated.
I had to pull down the mater gain a lot so it was no too loud.

Now the problem with this is, that it makes mixxx unusable. You basically loose the possibility to use headphone for listening to master channel or anything in between because the levels become very different.

On the evening I thought mixxx is broken in this aspect, I'm not so sure now but at least then it's missing a second level meter. Anyway, recordings done when the master know is used to limit the loudness need massive afterwork to get to a decent loudness.

We either need a second master knob that sits just before the signal is sent to the line out and after it is recorded and shown after the master UV meter, or the master gain knob should only regulate the volume after the master UV meter and recording and you should adjust the gain on the channels instead on master.

Does somebody use the master know for anything else then reducing the volume ? In which case I think it would be more useful.

kind regards

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