I am proud to announce 2.1-beta1 and 2.2-alpha-pre.

Thank you very much to all who helped to make it real. Especially to those
who have worked through the nights lately to finish the beta with an
impressive feature set by the announced deadline.

Details can be found here:

2.1-beta1 lives in the 2.1 branch https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/tree/2.1
while 2.2-alpha-pre lives in the master branch.

Now we have feature an string freeze for the 2.1 branch. This mean we can
start translating and updating the manual.

Bug fix PRs should be target to the 2.1 branch while new features should be
go to master. I will regular merge 2.1 to master, to avoid criss cross

Existing bug-fix PRs against master don't need to be re-targeted, I will
merge them to 2.1 manually.

I wish you an your family festive holidays and Mary Christmas.

Kind regards,

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