I don't use osmosis but osmconvert, from a script by Paco Tyson which
includes french addresses (from BANO database).
But without I obtain the same result.

The scripts use "--precom-sea sea.zip" and "--bounds bounds.zip".

I will try with a .poly file including the whole lake.
Will report if it is OK, or not !

Thank you !

Best regards,

> Hi Steph,
> my guess this is the problem of cutting data at the border.
> Did you use some tools like osmosis with bounding polygon? It looks
> like the lake was cut with the border, but border is not added to
> polygon shape. There is straight line instead, which moves water on
> wrong side of coast line.
> If you cut data with an option to preserve whole objects, then you
> will still get some problems, like for example whole lake but missing
> all data on an islands outside the border. The best solution I have
> found is to use bigger area (like full Europe in your case) and
> bounding polygon in splitter. This way you get all tiles filed with
> proper data, even outside bounding border.
> --
> Best regards,
> Andrzej

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