It's a good idea !

I planned to download Switzerland, merge it with France, apply a poly…

I'll try your way.

Thank you !


Le 12/10/2016 à 18:52, Minko a écrit :
> I have had the same problem with the Germany extract from Geofabrik (the 
> Bodensee and part of the Rhine was empty). Caused by incomplete multipolygons 
> at the border regions due to the cutting. I download those complete relations 
> with overpass and add them to the germany-latest.osm.pbf with osmconvert:
> %DIR%\tools\wget.exe 
> ";node(r)->.nodes;way(r);node(w););out
>  meta;" -O "%DIR%\resources\rhein.osm"
> %DIR%\tools\wget.exe 
> ";node(r)->.nodes;way(r);node(w););out
>  meta;" -O "%DIR%\resources\bodensee.osm"
> %DIR%\tools\osmconvert.exe --drop-version 
> %DIR%\%date%\Splitter\germany-latest.osm.pbf %DIR%\resources\rhein.osm 
> %DIR%\resources\bodensee.osm --complex-ways -o=%DIR%\%date%\Splitter\DE.o5m

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