I apologize for my English, I use Google translator.
Yes, in the file RU-LEN.osm.pbf are the objects of 3 countries. I understand
that "Country" is wrong.
The question is different. I specify in the nations --code-page=1251 and
--name-tag-list=name:ru, name, name:en, int_name
"SUOMI" is correct (there is no Russian)
"Эстония" is correct (there is a Russian)
"Russian Federation" is wrong (there is a Russian "Россия")
Style Address
# ====================================================================
# first set the country code
# ====================================================================
mkgmap:country!=* & mkgmap:admin_level2=* { set
mkgmap:country='${mkgmap:admin_level2}' }
mkgmap:country!=* & addr:country=* { set
mkgmap:country='${addr:country|country-ISO:}' }
mkgmap:country!=* & is_in:country=* { set
mkgmap:country='${is_in:country|country-ISO:}' }

ISO3166-1       RU
ISO3166-1:alpha2        RU
ISO3166-1:alpha3        RUS
ISO3166-1:numeric       643
admin_level     2
border_type     nation
boundary        administrative
int_name        Russia
int_ref         RU
name    Россия
name:UN:ru      Российская Федерация
name:ru         Россия
official_name   Российская Федерация
official_name:ru        Российская Федерация
type    boundary

Why "Russian Federation"?

ISO3166-1       EE
ISO3166-1:alpha2        EE
ISO3166-1:alpha3        EST
ISO3166-1:numeric       233
admin_level     2
boundary        administrative
int_name        Estonia
name    Eesti
name:ru         Эстония
type    boundary

Here it is correct "Эстония"

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