Hi all,
I stumbled over a problem in mkgmap
when I build a map with my bikeroute style (an overlay-map to highlight
bicycle routes)
I get a non-functional map for bigger areas.
There is no error message during the build process, just the resulting map
file is faulty.
When I remove some tiles the map is OK.
It seems to be related to the size of the map, not the data itself.

I composed a sample that produces a good and a bad map.
Unfortunately the files are rather big. The smallest example I could build
is ~600MB.
I will provide a link to the example once the upload has finished.
The faulty map get displayed in the Garmin's map list as "Map data (c)
OpenStreetmap" while the good map get displayed correctly as "Bikeroute"

When I remove one tile from the build the map is OK. It does not matter
which one I remove. So there is no error in one single tile. It has to be a
more complex problem.


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