Since recently one of my contour tiles of my Benelux map is not rendered 
anymore. I am using mkgmap r-4127

In my workflow I use mkgmap.args -c contours\contours.args, the contours folder 
you can download here:

As you can see, I do not use already processed img's but mp format, because two 
tiles on top of each other that were compiled with different versions of mkgmap 
will cause conflicts so I have to process them with exactly the same mkgmap as 
my map tiles. Maybe the latest versions of mkgmap cannot do this correctly 
anymore? Problem tile is 10010201.mp, it is compiled as 10010201.img but is not 
included in the map anymore. Is this tile too big?  I know there is a 
workaround by combining contour data straight into the map data but it has 
always worked until now.

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