Hi Ticker,

> Line 1959 - is TYPViewer objecting to "String=River..." because it
wants something of the form "String1=0x00,River..." or is it objecting
to the "," between River & Wadi?

This is "acceptable" to TYPViewer:
String=River Wadi (Intermittent)
String1=0x01,Cours d’eau (intermittent)

So (...?) for "unspecified language" (default??) TYPViewer doesn't like csv.

Next TYPViewer will "renumber", so this was not the issue:
String1=0x00,River Wadi (Intermittent)
String2=0x01,Cours d’eau (intermittent)

> Polygon 0x3d errors - Not sure what it doesn't like here

I don't know either, I just resolved "Quick and (very) Dirty" because I
wanted a proof of concept for a "mapnik"-Map.

> This polygon should be transparent

Oké, thanks. Now I have the challenge to use mkgmap to convert typ-files
from .txt to .typ, find a "bay" (have I ever seen one in real life??) and
hopefully I will understand "the long debate".

> if TYPViewer doesn't allow you to save in the required char-set then this
> is a fundamental problem
in using TYPViewer to do the conversion.

TYPViewer will Save utf8 As utf8 and Save 1252 As 1252. So the encoding of
my source file is leading.
So I have a work-around.

Eric (AnkEric)

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