On 17.02.2018 05:55, Kingsley G. Morse Jr. wrote:
I'm happy to provide you with an even smaller and
easier test case.


     1.) copy the attached tar archive "bug.2.tar"
         to the /tmp directory and

     2.) do what the attached video shows

         $ cd /tmp

         $ tar -xvf bug.2.tar

         $ kdenlive bug.2.kdenlive

         Select track Video 3's Affine transition
         by clicking on it with the mouse

         Click on the "Go to next key frame"

         Wait a moment for
"[mlt_pool] out of memory" in the console.

Hi all,

Sorry for the late feedback. So I made a few tests and found some interesting facts.
The problem seems related to frame buffer.

When setting the "buffer" property to 0 on the consumer (sdl2_audio) in Kdenlive, the memory usage stays stable (around 500Mb).

When setting the buffer to 25 (default in Kdenlive), I get 2 different situations:
- When using an HD 25fps profile, memory usage goes to about 700Mb
- When using a SD NTSC profile, memory usage quickly goes up to 2.3Gb.

These tests were done with the image attached in the latest email (3800x2500 jpeg). I will try to make more tests but wondering if the frame caching bugs when using profile with a non integer fps profile..



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