On 29.04.2016 13:19, Michael Haupt wrote:
Hi Jochen,

Am 29.04.2016 um 12:17 schrieb Jochen Theodorou <blackd...@gmx.org
my fear is a bit that having only a single value, will not be enough
if you have for example multiple dynamic languages running... let's
say Nashorn, JRuby, and Groovy. Also, if I ever get there, using
multiple values would become a normal case in Groovy.

So any size depending optimization looks problematic for me

I may misunderstand you here - note the patch does not introduce a
single-value *only* ClassValue. The patch is meant to introduce a
special case for as long as there is only one value associated with a
class. As soon as a second value comes in, the ClassValue will
transition to the usual map storage.

Please let me know if this is a response to your concern.

how does performance compare to cases of 2-12 values?

bye Jochen

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