Let me clarify: both proposed patches move invoker class out of java.lang.invoke package, but add @Hidden on invoke_V instead.

So, JVM should not list it in stack traces and you don't have to filter it out on your side.

Moreover, I think the absence of @Hidden on j.l.i.MethodHandleImpl.T.invoke_V was an overlook.

Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov

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Remi, I'm curious why doesn't @Hidden on the invoker method solve your

Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov

Hi Vladimir,
as far as i know @Hidden only work on the stackframe that correspond to a 
method marked with @Hidden,
not for the stackframe on top of the stackframe marked.
So having the invoker marked with @Hidden is not enough, but maybe i'm wrong.


On 5/11/16 3:44 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
Hi all,
changing the behavior of defineAnonymousClass in 9 is huge burden for me
and i believe for anybody that maintains a dynamic language runtime.

As an implementer, being able to choose the package of an anonymous class
is an important feature.
I use to choose carefully the package name for:
- filtering the stack trace element that will be shown or not to the user.
  This patch specifically broke the stack trace that my runtime will emit
  because it removes "java.lang.invoke".
  I'm not the only one to filter out stacktrace element that starts with
  "java.lang.invoke", Nashorn or JRuby do that too.
  I can modify the code to use the new StackWalking API if all the method
  handle form artifact are marked with an interface or something like

- generate proxy in an existing package
  see https://github.com/forax/proxy2

- generate code specialization (specialization of an existing method for
some primitive types) of an existing class in an existing package
  (for the specialization, i specialize the constant pool at runtime so i
  have no choice but to use defineAnonymousClass).

I understand that being able to generate a class in any package do not work
well with the jigsaw view of the world but that's why defineAnonymousClass
is in Unsafe after all.


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Objet: RFR[9]:Fix java/lang/invoke/MethodHandleImpl's use of

Hi All,

Please review the following-


Solution: Changed anonymous class package name with the package name of
its host class.

Two approaches to solve this-
1.  Parse .class and get the class name index form constant pool and
patch it with new name

2. Create class with new name (With ASM)

Which approach is better?


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