Tomorrow at the JVMLS we will have an hour-long workshop to discuss indy and 
I plan to run this as a Q/A and (if we are in good form) a brain-storming 
Here are the discussion topics that pop quickly to the top of my list.  Any 
more suggestions?
— John

Provisional Agenda: API
§API changes in java.lang.invoke for Java 9
–VarHandles ({find{Static},unreflect}VarHandle)
–Loop combinators, tryFinally, various incremental conveniences
–Module-aware Lookups, access-checked Class lookups
§What are the use cases for unsafe Lookups?
§What about polymorphic inline caches?
Provisional Agenda: Performance
§Performance changes
–MH caching, MH customization, profile injection
–Indified string concatenation
§Native method handles
§Low level performance stuff
–@Stable, @{Dont,Force}Inline, @PolymorphicSignature
§Who wants to nominate their polymorphic inline cache?

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