And let's not forget:
- coroutine
- tail call

How do they relate to "Indy Support Group" (as recorded in JVMLS agenda)? :-)

- a lightweight way to create a method/method handle from an array of
bytes (codes) and an array of objects (constants as in constant pool).

Good point!

Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov

On July 31, 2016 10:34:51 PM PDT, Vladimir Ivanov
<> wrote:

    Thanks a lot for preparing the agenda, John!

    I'd like to nominate a topic into API section: enable super constructor
    lookups in j.l.i.

    FTR it was discussed on the list before [1].

    Also, Charlie Nutter asked (at JFokus 2015?) for lightweight
    safepointing solution, but there was no progress on it yet. Maybe it's
    worth to reiterate the discussion as well?

    Best regards,
    Vladimir Ivanov


    On 7/31/16 10:13 PM, John Rose wrote:

        Tomorrow at the JVMLS we will have an hour-long workshop to
        discuss indy
        and MHs.
        I plan to run this as a Q/A and (if we are in good form)
        abrain-storming session.
        Here are the discussion topics that pop quickly to the top of my
        Any more suggestions?
        — John

        Provisional Agenda: API
        §API changes in java.lang.invoke for Java 9
        –VarHandles ({find{Static},unreflect}VarHandle)
        –Loop combinators, tryFinally, various incremental conveniences
        –Module-aware Lookups, access-checked Class lookups
        §What are the use cases for unsafe Lookups?
        §What about polymorphic inline caches?
        Provisional Agenda: Performance
        §Performance changes
        –MH caching, MH customization, profile injection
        –Indified string concatenation
        §Native method handles
        §Low level performance stuff
        –@Stable, @{Dont,Force}Inline, @PolymorphicSignature
        §Who wants to nominate their polymorphic inline cache?


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