This seems kind of crazy. For instance, the highlighted card I had some 
trouble with but I knew kind of shakily so I gave it a 2, hoping I'd get to 
shore it up again in the next couple days. Instead it decided to wait a 
month?! For a 2??

I think of 2 as "1-3 days". A three as "4-7 days". A four as "a couple 
weeks". And a 5 as "a month or more". That's what it seems to be when 
you're running a new card through. But it seems to follow its own schedule, 
really. It spaces cards out more and more whether you want it to or not, 
the longer they have been learned. The ranking system isn't listening to 

For now, I've discovered that giving a learned card a 1 sort of resets this 

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