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> Those look good based on apps I have worked on but that data wasn't open
> so I'll avoid specifics.
> The crashes-per-device is surprisingly good, anecdotally I have heard
> targets of 1% or better being ideal.
> Per-session crashes is lower than any app I have worked on; I think a
> contributing factor is that some crashes are in the web view process (which
> doesn't crash the app yay!). Do we have telemetry on web view process
> crashes?

No, those are reported outside of our application. I don't think we ever
see those crashes. But you bring up a good point - there is a callback in
the WKWebView delegate that is supposed to tell us when a content process
dies. I think it will be interesting to hook that up to telemetry so that
we can get an idea of how often that happens.

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